Managers and staff are the key resources of a company. The objective of training management is to optimize the investment made in human resources.
We assist companies to analyse their training requirements, develop training programmes and hold courses and seminars.

Main fields of activity:

I. Training in social competence

·  communication and conversational skills
·  rhetoric and presentation
·  chairmen's and facilitator's skills
·  argumentation and negotiations
·  conflict management and coping with stress
·  leadership and motivation

II. Team development

·  team training
·  resolution of conflicts
·  strategy development
·  team organization

III. Coaching

·  individual coaching for managers
·  group coaching for teams

Special training

Apart from seminars and courses to provide managers and employees on all levels of the corporate hierarchy with the basic qualifications they need for their work, we also offer more specialized training for smaller groups of specialists:

·  auditor training
·  training of quality improvement teams
·  training of facilitators
·  crisis and emergency management
training for managerial staff
·  media training