We provide advice on strategic orientation and on other management problems.
Our services range from kick-off workshops to the definition and implementation of target-setting systems and from the analysis and optimization of individual corporate processes to the development and implementation of entire management systems. Depending on the project, work may concentrate on individual aspects of verification and optimization or on integration in a holistic management system.

Main fields of activity:

I. Corporate strategy and organization

·  support for strategic development processes
·  analysis of and support in connection with structural change processes

II. Corporate culture

·  analysis of cultural conditions
·  development of corporate culture

III. Management systems

·  establishment
·  continued development
·  training of key personnel
·  self-assessment processes
·  information campaigns


All our consultants are graduates with several years of experience and the qualifications needed for high-quality specialized consultancy services for an international clientele.

As we provide a wide variety of services, our consultants include specialists in a number of areas:
· lawyers
· economists
· scientists
· educationalists
· psychologists

Our consultants are used to dealing with a variety of tasks. They bring their competence and expertise to bear on the problems of our clients, helping them to analyse their weaknesses and to find the ideal solutions.