Our institute has been in operation as a network with modern, highly flexible structures for more than ten years. Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to creativity, know-how transfer and client orientation, which we see as key elements in our role. Although our activities have traditionally focussed on Germany and other German-speaking countries, we are increasingly active throughout Europe and beyond in an age characterized by globalization and European integration.

Mission statement
In order to lay a secure foundation for future operations, companies and institutions must reorient themselves strategically for the markets for the future. This process calls for the development of visions and the definition of objectives. Tasks need to be formulated and structures established. Due consideration must be given to all the relevant aspects of quality, environmental protection and safety. Organizations must be lean and flexible. We provide support to companies for the entire process of strategic reorientation and for quality, environmental protection and safety management. Of course, we also provide crisis and emergency management consultancy services in connection with processes of this type.

Processes are shaped by people.
People are therefore the main concern in our seminars and training courses. Human capabilities, skills, knowledge and expertise are the key resources of any company. Today's highly efficient corporate processes call for social competence, a holistic approach and entrepreneurial action on the part of management and staff. Modern companies need adequate training management systems designed to tap these human resources effectively.

Our consultants assist companies to determine their requirements and to plan and implement training campaigns. We develop and organize courses and seminars tailored to the specific needs of our customers.